Lesson Resources

Curriculum Enhancement from the NIE Institute

From the NIE Institute, expand your curriculum with more than 300 instructional resources are provided including many high-quality teacher guides, serial stories, student supplements, character education materials, numerous subject-specific resources and video & audio teacher training modules.

These resources address the goals of ‘No Child Left Behind’ and the research-and-standards-based curriculum focus of schools and teachers. There are curriculum materials for every subject area and for grades K-12. As well many of the resources include the state standards and/or Common Core standrads incorporated. Resources are listed on the website with brief descriptions. Click on any resource to access it. All resources may be copied for classroom use or for homework assignments.

Sample Lesson Plans

Alphabet Safari II:  Uses African animals to teach the alphabet A-Z with coloring-book graphics (grades K-2).

Oceans of Fun: Helps students understand the wonders of the deep—without even getting wet (grades K-3).

Unique You: Stresses the importance of character development, cooperation, fairness, honesty, respect and other traits (grades 3-5).

STEAM: In this booklet are STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) related activities adapted to meet all five of the components. The goal is to help students to actively engage in their learning using problem-solving, discovery, and exploration to find solutions to given problems and situations.

A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change: This supplement will help students learn the basics about climate and climate change, understand the impacts on our earth, learn how scientist explore climate issues and help them be part of the solution. 

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program: This program helps high school students learn how to responsibly and effectively manage their money for the rest of their life.


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Special NIE Lesson Plans

Elections, Politics & Government Lesson Plans

This NIE exclusive curriculum is designed to engage students on the topics of government, politics, and elections. Featuring 4 lessons on the following topics: national and local government structures, political parties, bills & laws, campaigns & candidates, and voting.

Fake News Lesson Series

This curriculum is designed to help you teach your students about media literacy. The four lessons can be integrated into your curriculum either daily for a week of focused study, once-a-week for a month of focused study, or once-a-month throughout the school year.

News Literacy Curriculum

Great resources to involve newspaper and media in the learning process for grades K-12.

Media Literacy & Reading Skills

Introductory News Literacy (grades 6-8): This collection offers three units of media literacy activities and lessons. Each unit takes about one or two weeks of class time.

A Good Read: Literacy Strategies with Newspapers (grades 6-12): This guide is designed to help teachers integrate research-based literacy strategies into existing curriculum using the newspaper.

N the News (grades 6-12): The daily newspaper is the textbook for this nine-unit curriculum, gives middle and high school students an in-depth introduction to the world of journalism.


Math & Science

By the Numbers: Mathematical Connections in Newspapers (grades 6-8): The newspaper plays a vital role in this guide, which features lesson plans, activities and handouts for middle-school students.

Cereal Bowl Science (grades K-12): Five modules explore the science behind everyday activities, challenging students to observe, predict, experiment, find a solution and communicate results.

Civics & Social Studies

Citizens Together: You and Your Newspaper (grades 9-12): A five-day lesson plan, “Citizens Together” explores the individual freedoms protected in the Bill of Rights.

First Things First: Using the Newspaper to Teach the Five Freedoms of the First Amendment (grades 3-12): Includes national learning standards and a uniform lesson-plan structure, this guide features one elementary activity, one middle-school activity and one high-school activity for each “freedom.”

Game On: Civics Lessons and American Rights (grades K-12): Featuring two activities, “Game On” invites students to use the local newspaper to get in the game of civics and acquire a better understanding of the basic rights of each American citizen as granted by the U.S. Constitution.

Community Connections with Geography and the Newspaper-Level 1: Understanding Maps and Communities (grades 3-6): Blends mapping skills with discussion of the various communities to which everyone belongs.

Community Connections with Geography and the Newspaper-Level 2: How Communities are Created (grades 6-12): Looks at community identity and geography’s effect on local economies and lifestyles.